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americorps_logo_big_000Ethos, Inc. is seeking ten community-minded musicians to serve as Rural Outreach Project (ROP) Music Facilitators for the 2017-18 school year. These full-time AmeriCorps volunteers spend about 32 weeks in rural communities teaching music and communicating the benefits of music education and performance to the community. The Rural Outreach Project not only brings much-needed music education and exposure to underserved communities, but gives musicians and music educators the opportunity to use their talents in a unique and meaningful way, while gaining valuable practice in classroom teaching.

SUMMARY OF POSITION: ROP members will primarily be responsible for teaching music to students during and after school four to five days per week. In addition, ROP members assist in training and supervising volunteers that help them inside and outside of the classroom. ROP members spend 36 weeks living and working in rural sites, and the remainder of the time in Portland for training and evaluation.


1. Teach general music classes to kindergarten through sixth grade students.
2. Teach elective music courses at the middle school and high school levels.
3. Organize and/or teach after-school music classes in two to four instruments.
4. Recruit and train community members to be volunteer teaching assistants.
5. Encourage and track youth, volunteer and parent involvement in all activities.
6. Attend Ethos instructor trainings and AmeriCorps sponsored orientation, trainings, and meetings.
7. Complete and submit in a timely manner all Ethos and AmeriCorps required reports and timesheets.
8. Complete 1700 hours of service over 11 months (August 2017 – July 2018).


1. Organize student performances and community music events in each town.
2. Provide community music classes.
3. Consult with staff on recruitment and long-term programming plans.
4. Complete four days of service outside of normal service site, with at least two being environmentally based.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Background in music performance or education. Other fields are welcome provided applicant can be a proficient teacher. Experience with youth a must. Familiarity with at least two instruments preferred. Must be organized, creative, resourceful and self-motivated. Must provide own transportation. Ethos will make every effort to ensure an inclusive environment. Applicant must pass a strict FBI background check. Must apply to be an AmeriCorps member at Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.

PAY/BENEFITS: Stipend of $12,530 (taxable) and medical insurance provided. Upon completion of service, $5,730 in educational award (to pay tuition or student loans). Members are also eligible for loan forbearance and child care assistance. Ethos also provides monthly gas reimbursement.

CONTACT: For more information, please contact our Rural Program Manager at 971-717-6902.

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