Janessa Pogue

Janessa is currently serving her first year with AmeriCorps in Monument, OR as a full time music teacher. She lives with her family in Kimberly, OR now, but has had the opportunity to live in Wisconsin, SW Colorado, and West Texas. She has a passion for music, both learning it herself and teaching others. She specifically enjoys playing and listening to the bluegrass, Celtic, classical, gospel, folk music, and country genres.

Piano is her primary instrument, but she is proficient also on the mandolin, guitar, voice, violin, and penny whistle. She has had 3 years of private instruction in piano and hopes to attend the New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID in the fall of 2020, to gain a liberal arts degree and music certification. When not playing or teaching music, she enjoys hiking, reading, audiobooks, baking, family road trips, Bible studies, and doing laundry (yes, she’s not kidding).

Through her passion for music, Janessa hopes to inspire the youth in her classes to love and pursue all kinds of music throughout their own lives and careers.

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