Cameron Mortensen

Cameron is a singer and pianist originally from the California Bay Area. While working towards her Bachelor of Arts at CUNY Hunter College in New York City, she performed in instrumental ensembles and was the Music Director of the school’s a Capella group. She graduated with her degree in Music (along with a minor in Psychology) in December 2017. 
Cameron began working as an Ethos music teacher in Metolius in December 2018. Her biggest goals with the students are to encourage them to express themselves, embrace each other’s differences, and experience music in a very hands-on way (that may or may not include dancing where she aims to be the most embarrassing one in the room). When she’s not jumping/dancing/singing around with the kiddos, she can be found cooking, hiking, working to teach herself guitar, volunteering at an animal shelter, or watching Harry Potter for about the 101st time. 

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